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Verstappen on cornering in 2022 car: 'It has improved’

Verstappen on cornering in 2022 car: 'It has improved’

12 August - 10:02 Last update: 10:48


With the heavier, larger and heavily modified F1 cars of 2022, the steering for the F1 drivers has also changed dramatically. Max Verstappen explains what it is that particularly bothers him and how it can be solved in the next year.

Indeed, Verstappen was already suffering from the new characteristics of the F1 car from the beginning of this season. It was much harder for the Dutchman to cut corners and attack them. Speedweek.com quotes the Red Bull Racing driver as explaining further: "I prefer a front axle with more feeling, with which you can steer more crisp. If that makes the rear end very loose, then I can live with that." His teammate Sergio Perez prefers it the other way around.

Pirelli can largely eliminate problems

According to Verstappen the tyres Pirelli made this year are not helping yet. Verstappen does not blame the Italian tyre manufacturer; after all, the cars are new for Pirelli too. Verstappen does hope and expect that changes will be made to the tyres in 2023, so that his RB18 does not feel so sluggish when turning in. Verstappen: "It has improved in the meantime. Initially it was not clear how much downforce these cars would generate. Pirelli also has to take into account that our cars have become a lot heavier. In fact, we can attack the corners better if the construction of the front tyres is slightly changed."

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