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Former Ferrari chief points out which head should roll at the team

Former Ferrari chief points out which head should roll at the team

9 August - 13:55 Last update: 14:35


Ferrari seems to have built a stronger car than Red Bull Racing in 2022. However, blunders on the pit wall and on the track have left the team behind in both championships. Former Ferrari sporting director Cesare Fiorio knows whose head should roll.

According to Fiorio, the current Ferrari is no longer sustainable. Too many important points have been lost due to unnecessary mistakes and poor strategy. After the last F1-race in Hungary, the Italian seems to have had enough. Ferrari lost heavily to Max Verstappen and both Mercedes drivers in a weekend where they were the favourite. The current line-up of Ferrari must therefore change, according to Fiorio. The drivers are safe from the former Ferrari chief and also the team boss Mattia Binotto.

Binotto can stay, but Rueda must go'.

The Italian told Autosprint: "Mattia was originally an engineer and he knows how to do that job very well, as evidenced by the creation of F1-75. In his staff, Binotto needs people who are better suited to the Ferrari culture. Binotto needs to stay in place, but [Inaki] Rueda does not. He has never positively influenced the different teams he has ever worked for." Fiori believes that in Ferrari strategist Rueda he has found the culprit for the blunders and can expose him as responsible.

The biggest flaw Fiorio sees at Ferrari is personal intuition. The Italian thinks that the current staff cannot make a quick decision when it is really needed. Instead, the team is too dependent on all the computer data and calculated models. "In the race you often have only a few seconds in which to make a decision. Then you don't have time to analyse dozens of models, manage computers and communicate remotely with the factory. Ferrari lacks the personal intuition," said Fiorio.

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