Wolff: 'If you win the constructors' title in December, it is frustrating'

Wolff: 'If you win the constructors' title in December, it is frustrating'

7 August - 15:52 Last update: 20:04


Toto Wolff looks back on the season so far in the YouTube video on the Mercedes channel he looks back on the season so far. He calls it frustrating that four months after winning the constructors' championship his drivers could not fight with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

Mercedes had a start to the season that was mainly characterised by the many problems with porpoising. The bouncing and the consequent lower performance caused a lot of frustration for the team boss: "The start of the season wasn’t really any good. And there is no other way of describing it. Because if you win the championship in December and then four months on you’re not competing with the guys in the front that’s frustrating."

After the race in Baku, it seemed that they finally got the bouncing under control a bit more. This led to better results and even podiums for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. The Austrian says he has been on a rollercoaster since the turnaround, but still sees room for improvement, especially on Saturday. "We’ve been on the podium almost every single race. We were strong on the Sundays but never quite there in qualifying and the gap was simply too large."

Picking up the qualifying pace

The Mercedes team boss hopes they have now finally put their finger on the problem and can concentrate on the remaining nine races after the summer break, concluding, "So now it’s about trying to understand what it is and in the second half of the season hopefully increase our qualifying pace and then be able to race for victories."

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