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Wolff hopes for comeback: 'We haven't suddenly become a bunch of idiots'.

Wolff hopes for comeback: 'We haven't suddenly become a bunch of idiots'.

5 August - 07:53 Last update: 09:31


Mercedes seem to be making a big recovery in 2022, but it is not good enough to score a pass, according to team boss Toto Wolff. The Austrian gave his own team a three out of 10 for the first part of this season.

Wolff not pleased by performance

Speaking to the Italian Gazetta dello Sport Wolff says Mercedes are not giving up yet and that the team still has the ambition to take at least one victory this year. It just seems that with the difficult start to this year, it will be difficult. After eight years of Mercedes dominance, the team has not won a single race out of twelve this year. Mercedes seem to have found the way up and the performance of the W13 seems to be improving and so are the results. Still, porpoising is a problem the team is not completely rid of. Wolff therefore thinks it is necessary for the FIA to intervene and help the teams with the problem.

Talking to the Italian medium the Austrian gives the team a rating for the season so far: "A three. Not because we haven't won a race yet, but because we haven't lived up to our expectations. We are not very fast and have failed." Wolff sounds frustrated and doesn't know why the team still hasn't found its way back: "We haven't suddenly become a group of idiots. We are still the same team as before. We have everything to come back. We have to develop better and more than Red Bull and Ferrari and that is not easy."

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