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Ferrari mistakes raise questions: 'Don't know where they're missing point'

Ferrari mistakes raise questions: 'Don't know where they're missing point'

04-08-2022 17:46 Last update: 18:37


Ferrari is not exactly going into the summer break with a good feeling. In Hungary, the Italian team failed to finish on the podium with both Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Moreover, Ferrari again made a number of strategic mistakes, causing Max Verstappen to lose further ground in the world championship. According to Emerson Fittipaldi, however, the team is coming back stronger.

The former Formula One driver saw Ferrari stumble again in Hungary. It was allowed to start the race in second and third place, while Verstappen started from tenth. Despite this, it failed to finish ahead of the Dutchman.

"Strategically, they made mistakes", Fittipaldi judged in conversation with Vegainsider.com. "I don't know where they're missing the point but I'm sure they will reorganize that. Ferrari has the capacity, the people, the experience, to recover. The one thing I can confirm again is that the car is very fast, the team is very good."

Ferrari will fight back

Fittipaldi says that he knows better than anyone that a team in the motorsport class sometimes gets into trouble, but that Ferrari has also shown what it is capable of. He expects the team to fight back in the second half of the season.

"They have a big potential to recover, learning from what mistakes they have done. From the mistakes, they'll learn better for sure," Fittipaldi stressed. The difference in the constructors' championship between Ferrari and Red Bull Racing is 97 points after the Hungarian GP.

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