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Vettel didn't make friends at Ferrari: 'He irritated people'

Vettel didn't make friends at Ferrari: 'He irritated people'

4 August - 16:59 Last update: 18:32


It seems like an eternity ago, but in 2015 Sebastian Vettel traded Red Bull Racing for Ferrari. Former press chief of the Italians, Alberto Antonini, tells the GoF1Show YouTube that Vettel did not leave a good impression in Maranello right away.

Vettel came over from Red Bull Racing in 2015 after becoming champion for four consecutive years with the Austrian team from 2010 to 2013. When he first arrived in Maranello at the end of 2014 to start work for the Italians, he was not immediately liked by everyone, Antonini tells us.

Vettel aroused irritation

The German came in wanting to work with the methods he learned at Red Bull. "He did everything he had to do at Red Bull," says Antonini. According to the Italian, that was because Red Bull was a good environment for Vettel.

Antonini started at almost the same time as Vettel started at Ferrari. "He just started, I’m going to be blunt, annoying some people by telling them ‘that’s not the way we did it at Red Bull’," he said. Staff at Ferrari responded by saying, 'You're not at Red Bull now, you're at Ferrari.'

Retirement coming up

Vettel left Ferrari after 2020 to race at Aston Martin. The British team never achieved the expected results, so after much thought the German decided to hang up his helmet after 2022.

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