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Red Bull changes engine of Verstappen's car

Red Bull changes engine of Verstappen's car

31 July - 11:13 Last update: 12:34

Red Bull Racing has chosen to equip Max Verstappen's car with a completely new engine, journalist Ronald Vording reports on his Twitter page. However, the Dutchman will not receive a penalty for this change.

Verstappen suddenly experienced a drop in power during Q3 of qualifying on Saturday afternoon. It meant the reigning world champion had to settle for a tenth starting position, while the team searched behind the scenes for the problem.

In the end, Christian Horner's team decided to opt for an entirely new engine. Verstappen will get a new ICE, turbo, MGU-H, MGU-K and exhaust system. As it is all within the rules, the driver will not face any punishment. Perez will also get a new engine, but will not be penalised either.

Gasly does get a grid penalty

This does not apply to Pierre Gasly. AlphaTauri also gives the rider a new engine, but this is about the maximum number that is allowed. Gasly will therefore start from the pitlane and will have to try to get into the points from there.

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