'Honda looking at Red Bull sponsorship deal to take advantage of success'

'Honda looking at Red Bull sponsorship deal to take advantage of success'

28 July - 08:10 Last update: 09:25

Honda would like to work with Red Bull Racing again, and it may be looking at its options for a sponsorship deal with the team until 2025. The Japanese carmaker would consider becoming the engine supplier of a Formula 1 team again in 2026, but the deal between Red Bull and Porsche means it will have to look elsewhere.

"Honda may be looking to do a sponsorship deal with Red Bull Racing, in order to take advantage of the ongoing success of the team. This could only be a sponsorship and engine-badging deal and it would end, by necessity, in 2025 when Red Bull is (expected to be) committed to Porsche", Joe Saward writes on his blog.

Honda stepped out of the sport after 2021 when Max Verstappen won the world title. Red Bull still uses Honda's engines, but now under the name Red Bull Powertrains. Honda now seems to regret this decision after all, as Verstappen's team is performing well again this season. The car manufacturer is considering re-entering the sport as an engine supplier in 2026, but that idea has come too late as Red Bull already seems to be in league with Porsche.

Sponsorship deal between Red Bull and Honda

Honda would therefore like to enter into a sponsorship deal with Red Bull, the well-informed F1 journalist reports. "The team would become Oracle Red Bull Racing Honda in 2023 with the engines switching from being called Red Bulls to being Hondas again." Honda has the option to become an engine supplier to another team from 2026 onwards, but it can also buy another F1 team.