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Horner takes a stab at Wolff: That would be illegal of course

Horner takes a stab at Wolff: "That would be illegal of course"

26 July - 17:16 Last update: 18:26

Red Bull Racing clearly leads both championships. Although Ferrari can match the Austrian team's pace, they are throwing away too many valuable points due to mistakes. The championship is only halfway through, however, and the lead is not so large that Red Bull can rest on its laurels. There are still upgrades in the pipeline, but they will not be as substantial as in the first half of the season.

Ferrari have proved on several occasions this season that they can match Red Bull's pace, but halfway through the season the championship seems almost a foregone conclusion. Where Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have also suffered from bad luck, human error has too often been the cause of disappointing results at Ferrari.

Still, Red Bull needs to stay on their toes. Not only because anything can happen in the second half of the season, but also because both drivers face a grid penalty. If Ferrari can make the most of this, it will be a great opportunity for the Italian team to catch up with its rivals.

Red Bull to release more updates

Furthermore, Ferrari are expected to be very strong in Hungary. "Budapest is a circuit that should be more to the Ferrari's liking. Only after the summer break will there be more races that suit us", Christian Horner stated according to Auto, Motor und Sport. The Red Bull Racing team boss, therefore, sees no reason to shift the focus to the car for 2023 just yet.

Helmut Marko adds that the RB18 is still being worked on and upgrades are in the pipeline. "The upgrades won't be as big anymore, but there will still be updates well into the second half of the season," the Red Bull advisor states.

Horner keeps an eye on Wolff

Meanwhile, people are also looking back at Mercedes. The German team is increasingly trying to get into the fray, both on and off the track, with Toto Wolff busy lobbying the FIA. Horner is therefore keeping a close eye on his rival and took the opportunity to take a small jab at his rival: "I heard that Toto had said they would work on improving the car during the summer break. That would be illegal of course", Horner said.

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