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High expectations for Verstappen: 'Max is just warming up'

High expectations for Verstappen: 'Max is just warming up'

18-07-2022 17:56 Last update: 21:36


Max Verstappen is having a good time at Red Bull Racing. The Dutchman won his first career world title last season with his team and is currently top of the world standings. It comes as no surprise to Mark Webber that Verstappen is doing well, he tells Formule1.nl.

The former Formula 1 driver has seen for years how much talent Verstappen has. While Charles Leclerc will be trying hard to compete with his generation rival in 2022, with 38 points he is still far behind the reigning world champion.

"The foundation that Max has laid since he joined Red Bull has been super strong," Webber assesses the successes of the recent period. Despite the good performances, he still expects more from Verstappen. "Max is just warming up, I think he is only just warming up," he said.

Verstappen sees Leclerc getting closer

Just over a week ago, Leclerc managed to win in Austria, so Verstappen will be sharp for next weekend. The French Grand Prix awaits, where the Red Bull driver will be looking to secure another victory.

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