Alonso and Hamilton set for new records in F1

Alonso and Hamilton set for new records in F1

15-07-2022 09:53 Last update: 12:12

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are the two older drivers in the 2022 Formula 1 field. The two drivers have the most races to their name on the current grid and are both well on their way to setting new records.

Alonso passes Raikkonen

We start with the oldest driver on the grid, Fernando Alonso. The 40-year-old Spaniard made his debut in the premier class of motor racing in 2001 for Minardi. In 2022, he already holds the record for the longest career in terms of the number of days. In Azerbaijan, he took the record from Michael Schumacher with 21 years, three months and eight days. The German quit F1 after 21 years and three months.

In 2022, Alonso is closing in on Kimi Raikkonen for most Grand Prix entries and Grand Prix starts. Raikkonen has taken part in a total of 350 Grand Prix weekends as a racing driver, of which he started 349 races. The Finn took over the record from Rubens Barrichello in 2020 and added another 20 Grands Prix in 2021. Alonso's tally stands at 345 entries and 344 starts. In Italy, the Alpine driver can match Raikkonen's record and then set the record straight in Singapore.

Hamilton becomes British driver with most Grands Prix

Lewis Hamilton will start his 300th Grand Prix in France. He is the sixth driver in F1 history to reach this number. At 306 races he will be on a par with former teammate Jenson Button. At 307 races he will not only take the British record, but also match Michael Schumacher's total number of races.

Hamilton has a contract with Mercedes for 2023, which will most likely see him add between 21 and 24 Grands Prix to his total. Alonso has not yet secured his 2023 contract but does intend to continue for one or two more years. Hamilton could overtake Alonso, but he would have to stay on for at least two more seasons than the Spaniard (assuming that the coming seasons will have around 23 races). In terms of age Hamilton can do it, he is about three and a half years younger than Alonso. Whether Hamilton has any desire to do this remains to be seen. Currently, he does not have a winning car and it is well known that Hamilton has many hobbies besides racing, so a departure after 2023 does not seem unthinkable.

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