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Verstappen: 'When that day comes, I'm not interested in F1 anymore'

Verstappen: 'When that day comes, I'm not interested in F1 anymore'

7 July - 14:49 Last update: 15:07


This week it was revealed that Helmut Marko has hired a sports psychologist to help Yuki Tsunoda control his emotions while driving an F1 car. Over the past few races we have often heard how the Japanese driver can come over the radio aggressively when he is not happy about something and according to Marko this needs to change.

In the press conference leading up to the Austrian GP, broadcast by Sky Sports, Max Verstappen was asked if he had had to deal with a similar measure. The Dutchman revealed that he does not think it is necessary for his driving style and way of communicating."No. I didn't work with anyone. But over the years you look back at what you do better. It doesn't help the team coming in when you're upset because it makes the team more nervous."

Verstappen cares about the result

Verstappen explains that this nervousness can in turn translate into a lack of performance on the track. Verstappen himself notes that he can also sometimes get irritated on the on-board radio telling people what's wrong, because that only happens when there are serious problems or when something goes wrong. The Dutchman thinks it is good to be angry on the radio sometimes.

"It's more if something goes badly or if I have a problem. When the day comes that I'm not upset about these things anymore, then I'm not interested in the sport anymore. For me, it's because I care about the result. It's not influencing my performance during my race."At Silverstone, the reigning world champion was still clearly irritated after sustaining damage to the floor of his RB18. In the end, he managed to limit the damage with a seventh place.

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