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Pirelli also surprised by problem with 2022 tyres

Pirelli also surprised by problem with 2022 tyres

7 July - 09:05 Last update: 11:07


Pirelli is already busy testing for 2023. In the next season, the tyres should be closer together and understeer should also be reduced.

Pirelli tests

In 2022, besides new regulations for the Formula 1 cars, there are also new tyres from Pirelli. The 18-inch tyres are new and therefore still have some problems. The biggest problem is the understeer that many drivers experience now, but also the C1 and C2 tyre are said to be too far apart.

Pirelli, however, has set up a test programme in 2022 to gather as much data as possible for 2023. Ferrari, AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo already took to the track at Imola and Red Bull Racing, along with Alpine. Williams and McLaren, will remain in Austria to test the tyres.

New tyres for F1

All these tests should help ensure that the tyres for 2023 are better than this seasons. Pirelli wants to give a clear Auto, Motor und Sport Pirelli wants to give clarity about the tyres for 2023 in September. When that is clear, the tyres can also be tested in the free practice sessions to gather more data.

The aim is to bring the C1 and C2 tyre closer together, but also to reduce understeer. ''We were surprised ourselves that the cars suffer so much understeer. That hadn't come up in the test in 2021,'' Mario Isola said of it.

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