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Mercedes sees light at the end of the tunnel: 'That gives more downforce'

Mercedes sees light at the end of the tunnel: 'That gives more downforce'

6 July - 13:26 Last update: 15:25


This whole season, Mercedes has had to deal with a huge amount of porpoising. While other teams seemed to get the bouncing of the car under control quickly, it took Mercedes much longer than expected to solve the problems. After ten races they seem to have finally said goodbye to the problems and according to Mercedes chief Andrew Shovlin the new updates have had a big part in that.

In the video debrief answering questions from fans, Shovlin revealed that they finally have updates that will allow them to tune the car properly. "The key thing for us here was seeing they actually performed as expected and they did that. They were delivering a few tenths more downforce to the car and we think that we saw that in terms of the performance on the weekend."

Updates work at Mercedes

On top of that, according to Shovlin, the data showed that the porpoising effect was much less at Silverstone, so they seem to have solved a major problem. With this basis in place, Mercedes can now continue to develop the car and get more potential from the setup of the 2022 car.

"It was easier for the drivers to work with it, to tune the balance. So, overall, it was a pleasing result for us, not just to see Lewis on the podium but  to see that update kit perform as we hoped." At Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton scored his third podium finish of the season.

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