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Marko unhappy with Leclerc's actions: 'Cost us the win'

Marko unhappy with Leclerc's actions: 'Cost us the win'

6 July - 13:01 Last update: 13:09


Carlos Sainz's win at Silverstone was not just a victory for Ferrari, but it also had a Red Bull Racing edge. The Spaniard made his F1 debut for Toro Rosso, the predecessor of AlphaTauri. He and Max Verstappen made their entrance into the top of motorsport and Helmut Marko is delighted that both drivers now have a victory to their name.

"I was definitely happy for him. I will always be happy if he wins and not Leclerc," he jokingly told ServusTV. Charles Leclerc, Verstappen's big title rival, looked set to win in Britain for a long time. However, a late safety car thwarted that plan and he was forced to defend for a chance of the podium. After defending hard against Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez, he eventually finished fourth.

Holding off Leclerc costs Perez victory

Marko was not happy with the way the Ferrari Monegasque tried to hold off Perez. He defended hard, including in the last sector of Silverstone. As a result, Hamilton was able to get past both drivers and Red Bull still didn't gain anything.

"I was annoyed that Leclerc was fighting so hard with his older tyres, because we had a chance to win with Perez. We had the fastest car at the time, we just lost a lot of time, first with Hamilton and especially with Leclerc and that allowed Sainz to win the race," Marko concludes.

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