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Marko smiles as he heads to Austria: Then Mercedes is slower again

Marko smiles as he heads to Austria: "Then Mercedes is slower again"

5 July - 10:25 Last update: 16:16

Helmut Marko does not expect Mercedes to pose a threat in Austria. The man from Graz thinks the W13 will have to be tuned higher again at the Red Bull Ring and will therefore perform less.

Setback for Mercedes

With a third place for Lewis Hamilton and good pace at the British Grand Prix, there is hope again for Mercedes fans. The German team itself thinks it is making steps in the right direction, but not long ago Baku and Monaco went very badly. According to Marko, it will be no different at the Red Bull Ring.

Due to the tight road surface at Silverstone, porpoising hardly played a role, but at Spielberg it is a different story. ''We have the least problems or almost none (with porpoising). I expect it to be a bit difficult for Mercedes again, so they have to set the car higher, but that's not a problem. They'll just be a bit slower," Marko said with a laugh on ServusTV's Sport und Talk programme.

Dutch in Spielberg

Red Bull also has another advantage and that is the crowd at the circuit who are mainly fans of one driver: Verstappen. The stands are usually all orange and Marko and the rest of Red Bull Racing notice that in the garage too.

"Max has the fourfold (number of wins) record here. He is extra motivated here in front of all his Dutch fans. If we are in the garage and you set the fastest time, then the Dutch people go wild in the stands. That makes it very special," concluded the advisor of the Austrian racing team.

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