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Perez hits back at FIA: 'We are the ones taking all the risk'.

Perez hits back at FIA: 'We are the ones taking all the risk'.

04-07-2022 09:05


Sergio Perez had a big scare at the start of the British Grand Prix when Guanyu Zhou's car overturned and crashed into a fence. The Mexican was relieved that the driver was OK and spoke to the crowd afterwards. Speaking to Sky Sports the Mexican was relieved that everything was okay with the driver and pointed out the dangers in Formula 1 once again.

In recent years, the FIA has made the motorsport class considerably safer, but drivers are still at risk. "It's been a while since we've seen an accident like that," Perez told the English medium. "It's hard to see that, try to erase it from your mind and concentrate on what you need to do."

Perez rebukes FIA

Perez then went on to address a possible salary cap for drivers. As the top teams are struggling financially, there were noises that it would be good if drivers were given a maximum salary. For Perez this is unthinkable.

He believes that the drivers on the track deserve the money more than ever. "We are the ones who take all the risk and give a show. So I don't think it's good to talk about that now. The most important thing today is that nobody got hurt."

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