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France and Belgium GP not to return in 2023, South Africa to remain

France and Belgium GP not to return in 2023, South Africa to remain

4 July - 07:42 Last update: 07:53


We are only halfway through the Formula 1 season, but behind the scenes the organisation is already busy shaping the calendar for next racing year. In doing so, the motorsport class is taking some tough decisions, The Telegraph announced.

In 2023, Formula 1 teams will have to deal with 23 to 24 Grands Prix, depending on the continuation of the race weekend in China. The French and Belgian GPs will almost certainly be dropped from the calendar to make room for the Las Vegas race on Saturday night, 18 November.

It is reported that Spa-Francorchamps may be added to the calendar for another year, provided the South African GP is cancelled. However, it seems that the deal with the circuit north of Johannesburg is just a matter of time.

Formula 1 wants to reduce travel

Furthermore, Formula 1 wants to start the season on 5 March in Bahrain, where it wants to hold a three-day winter test a week earlier. Normally, however, there is more time between the tests and the first GP, so that issue is still under discussion. The organisation also wants the race in Miami and Canada to follow each other shortly to reduce travel, although it is questionable whether this is possible.

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