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'Could be a Ferrari hangover that lost Leclerc the Monaco Grand Prix'

'Could be a Ferrari hangover that lost Leclerc the Monaco Grand Prix'

3 July - 19:29

Carlos Sainz might have won the British Grand Prix, but it all went wrong for Ferrari and Charles Leclerc. With Max Verstappen losing performance because of damage, it should've been a simple one-two for the Italian team but they made several mistakes. 

Double stacking

Esteban Ocon pulled over and caused a safety car with 12 laps to go. There were nine seconds separating Leclerc and Sainz when the chance of a stop for soft tyres occurred. But Ferrari left race leader Leclerc out on the hard tyres meaning he was virtually a sitting duck at the restart. This lost Leclerc some crucial points in the World Championship and meant they failed to capitalise on Red Bull's problems. 

In his notebook show on Sky Sports, Ted Kravitz wondered whether a previous double stacking issue this season made Ferrari think twice. In Leclerc's home race, they double-stacked the two drivers which meant Leclerc lost track position and therefore the race. 

"I thought the key thing about why they didn't pit Leclerc at the same time as Sainz, why didn't they stack to give both tyres. I think this is a hangover that lost Leclerc the Monaco Grand Prix. I think the investigation of that which clearly concluded with, we tried to stack them it was a disaster.  It's only a theory. I think they were afraid on the pit wall that stacking was a bad idea because of Monaco. They didn't want to do it," Kravitz wondered. 

Binotto said there wasn't enough time between the two drivers. The Ferrari boss also explained that they didn't want to give up the track position at the safety car restart. 

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