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Charles Leclerc gives his first thoughts after Ferrari mistakes

Charles Leclerc gives his first thoughts after Ferrari mistakes

3 July - 17:43

Charles Leclerc reacted diplomatically to the Ferrari mistakes in the British Grand Prix. Leclerc feels like he lost time in the first stint, and also feels like the wrong decision was made at the end but he wants to see the bigger picture before drawing hard conclusions. 

Esteban Ocon caused a late safety car. With 12 laps to go, most drivers dived into the pits to put on the soft tyres. This included both Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton who were behind the man from Monaco at the restart. 

"I had the hard tyres and everyone was on softs so I struggled. I gave my best and it wasn't enough," Leclerc told Sky Sports

Chat with Binotto

As Leclerc got out of the car, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto greeted him with a pointed finger. Leclerc didn't give away anything when it came to that conversation. 

"He wanted to cheer me up, that's it. We will have to look at the global picture, on my side I only have my side. In the race, you don't have the full picture. On my side, I think I lost too much time in the first stint and first part of stint two. This is only my view which might change when I see the full picture," Leclerc added. 

The Ferrari driver concluded with some positive words about his teammate who claimed his first victory in Formula 1. Leclerc wanted the focus to be on Sainz rather than his own "disappointing race". 

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