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Verstappen: 'That’s how I’ve approached every single race until now'

Verstappen: 'That’s how I’ve approached every single race until now'

3 July - 08:49 Last update: 10:04


Max Verstappen has the luxury of being well ahead of the competition in the world championship. However, it does not mean he will approach the race weekend in Britain differently, he stressed at the FIA press conference

After his world title last season, Verstappen is once again doing well in 2022. The Dutchman had a difficult start to the racing year with two crashes in the early stages, but then the driver managed to find his form. The difference with Sergio Perez increased to 46 points, while Charles Leclerc' s gap is even three points more. However, it changes little for Verstappen.

"The target is always to score points and always, of course, as many as you can," he revealed. "That’s how I’ve approached every single race until now, so I don’t see why this race suddenly needs to be different. If I have an opportunity to go for it, I will definitely go for it."

At the tenth race of the season, Formula 1 has almost reached the halfway point of the calendar, but according to Verstappen, plenty can still happen. "There are still so many races left where you need to score a lot of points, to have a chance to win the championship." 

Booing from British spectators towards Verstappen

Verstappen had to deal with a lot of boos from the British spectators at Silverstone. He was supported afterwards by Christian Horner and Toto Wolff who disapproved of the behavior. It seemed to make little difference to Verstappen, however, as he said he was fully focused on the race. 

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