Wolff and Horner agree: 'I think that’s unsportsmanlike'
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Wolff and Horner agree: 'I think that’s unsportsmanlike'

2 July - 20:07 Last update: 22:00

After the end of qualifying for the British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen was booed and in the hours that followed it was a hot topic in the F1 paddock. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton already expressed their views, but now the team bosses of Red Bull Racing and Mercedes have also commented on what happened.

Verstappen said he does not mind the boos from the British fans at Silverstone. Hamilton would also prefer his supporters not to boo Formula 1 drivers in the future. Toto Wolff and Christian Horner are also bothered by the boos.

Wolff and Horner react

Wolff said to the The Race: “I think we shouldn’t be seeing any booing in any sports. I think that’s unsportsmanlike. It’s clear that we love the support the drivers have here and the team, that’s fantastic, and the enthusiasm. But if you’re not into the other guys just remain silent. I think that would be a good way. None of the drivers deserves any booing – whatever happened last year, whatever the competition is.”

Speaking to Sky Sports cameras, Horner said he was fed up with the British fans. ""It's disappointing to hear the boos but that's the way it is," he said. He didn't want to say more than this.

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