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Horner reveals: 'Verstappen lost three to four tenths due to yellow flag'

Horner reveals: 'Verstappen lost three to four tenths due to yellow flag'

2 July - 16:36 Last update: 17:04

Christian Horner argues that Max Verstappen would have grabbed pole position had Charles Leclerc not caused a yellow flag in the final minute of qualifying for the British Grand Prix. Despite this, Red Bull Racing are happy with second place for Verstappen and P4 for Sergio Perez.

"Charles had a half spin, Max lifted for the yellow and gave 3/4 tenths for it." Horner told Sky Sports. The Red Bull team boss went on to say he was happy for his former pupil Sainz."Congrats to Carlos, he has always been a demon in the wet when he was a junior for us."

Great save Verstappen

That Verstappen will have to fight to win the British Grand Prix from the second starting spot is not necessarily disappointing to Horner. "pleased to be on the front row. He had one moment where he did a 180 and only lost 2 seconds. That was ridiculous. Looked pretty in control but it wasn't part of the plan. He likes to find the limit, but to still end on the front row is a good place to be" he says.

Exactly how Red Bull stand in relation to others in the race simulation is difficult to say. Everyone had a long run of 4 laps yesterday. An unknown, with Checo in we have so many dynamics. The cars can follow closer which is crucial for Becketts and the British summer will continue tomorrow. My forecast says 20 degrees with 10% of a shower," Horner winks.

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