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Wolff puts Formula 1 on edge: 'Be aware'

Wolff puts Formula 1 on edge: 'Be aware'

2 July - 14:47


Toto Wolff saw Lewis Hamilton make a clear statement towards Nelson Piquet last week. The father-in-law of Max Verstappen would have used the N-word in an earlier interview, which made Hamilton decide to react. Toto Wolff stands fully behind his driver, he said in conversation with Sky Sports.

Hamilton has shown for years that he wants to fight against racism. The seven-time world champion found Piquet's remark unacceptable and decided to take action. It even resulted in him not being welcome in the paddock of Formula 1.

"We just need to be aware that the times are different and that people are heard and that people speak up," stated Wolff, who hopes that racism will soon be out of the world. "I would wish that one day I’m out of this and I’m gonna be out of this and look at it from a distance."

Verstappen remains silent

Verstappen did not want to respond directly to Piquet's comments in the UK, but he did indicate that he finds such words unacceptable. At the same time, he did not want to involve himself too much in the discussion, as the statements were not his own.

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