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Horner not happy with FIA intervention and calls measures 'dangerous'
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Horner not happy with FIA intervention and calls measures 'dangerous'

2 July - 11:11 Last update: 12:14


After persistent complaints from Formula One drivers about the physical consequences of porpoising, which Mercedes in particular has suffered badly this season, the FIA decided to intervene. Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner is not happy with the decision and even calls it 'dangerous'.

From the French Grand Prix onwards, the governing body will dictate to what extent porpoising is still allowed, otherwise teams will be forced to adjust the ride height. If that is not sufficient, a disqualification may follow. Horner is unhappy with the FIA's intervention and calls the measures 'dangerous' as they give the FIA the power to influence the set-up of F1 cars.

Horner not happy with FIA measures

The Red Bull boss therefore fears that the set-up will no longer be determined by the teams, but by the guidelines of the FIA. And according to the Brit, a lot of caution is needed with this, as he reports according to Motorsport-Total.com. Williams team principal Jost Capito agrees with Horner and also hopes for a simpler solution.

Horner adds that he is not in favour of major rule changes for the 2023 season. He explains that stable rules are always the best solution because they ensure that all cars are closer together, and assumes that this is exactly what will happen next year. For the same reason, he believes that porpoising will no longer be a topic of discussion in a year's time if the rules remain unchanged.

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