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Scarborough and Windsor see updates Red Bull: Very radical

Scarborough and Windsor see updates Red Bull: "Very radical"

2 July - 08:33 Last update: 08:39


Mercedes travelled to Silverstone with a major update to the W13. Craig Scarborough has been looking at the upgrades and he noticed that it was not the side pod update that everyone was expecting.

Complicated update Mercedes

Speaking to Peter Windsor on the YouTube channel Australian, Scarborough explains that the extremely thin sidepods are not the root of Mercedes' problem. "It's not the big side pod update that a lot were expecting. I don't think it will come, I don't think that's the root of their problems," Scarborough explained.

Instead, Mercedes has come up with major updates when it comes to the fins on the side pods. In addition, the floor has also been given a serious makeover. "Way more complicated, Similar to what McLaren have been doing in this area," Scarborough reveals.

Red Bull and Ferrari are not sitting still

As well as Mercedes, Scarborough also looked at the updates from Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. Ferrari kept it subtle at Silverstone. The Italians came up with an update for the mirrors, which according to Scarborough is legal against the odds.

Red Bull came up with a slightly bigger upgrade to the sidepods. "Very radical, lets a lot more air hit the beam wing. Then you reach lots of the over teams that have lots of little pieces. Interesting, much like Barcelona, Silverstone is the track people have added bits and pieces", Scarborough concludes.

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