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Debate | Ferrari shoot themselves in the foot with Sainz's performance

Debate | Ferrari shoot themselves in the foot with Sainz's performance

1 July - 21:29 Last update: 21:49


Carlos Sainz showed his worth again with his fastest time in the second free practice session at Silverstone. In the Constructors' Championship, the Spaniard's good form is excellent news for Ferrari, but in the battle for the world title, it is a different story.

From the start of the season, the Italian formation made it clear that Charles Leclerc and Sainz were equals. This meant the team left both drivers free to fight each other on track, as long as it did not cause either driver to retire.

After a strong start for Leclerc, who won in Bahrain and Australia, it was immediately clear that the Monegasque was in contention for the world title. However, after two retirements and a couple of disappointing races, the gap to leader Max Verstappen increased to 49 points.

Sainz, on the other hand, has been making an increasingly good impression and was on the podium in Monaco and Canada with two-second places. It seems only a matter of time before the driver manages to secure his first career victory. He may be able to do so this weekend in Britain if he can beat the competition.

Sainz takes points away from teammate

At first glance, Sainz's performance seems to be positive news for Ferrari. However, if it really wants to go for the world title it may run into a problem. Leclerc can't afford to lose any more points but has to fear for his teammate.

The situation is different at Red Bull Racing. Verstappen is the clear front runner, outperforming Sergio Perez in almost every race. It will undoubtedly cause discussion internally at Ferrari. A good performance by Sainz could cost Leclerc the world title and that would be a real loss for Ferrari.

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