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Verstappen refrains: 'They are not my statements'

Verstappen refrains: 'They are not my statements'

01-07-2022 19:59 Last update: 21:31


Nelson Piquet was in the news a lot last week because of alleged racist statements he made. Max Verstappen, who has seen Piquet up close as a father-in-law, tells Viaplay that he is not inclined to get involved in the discussion.

"It is not acceptable to use such words," Verstappen begins in the interview about Piquet's statements. "The most important thing is that people learn not to use those words, because of course it is very sensitive."

The Dutchman can well imagine that the necessary criticism goes to his father-in-law, but at the same time, he feels that he himself does not have to say anything about it. "In the end, it has nothing to do with me. I am close to the family, but they are not my statements."

Wolff calls attention to racism

Toto Wolff decided this weekend to call attention to the fight against racism in the sport. According to the team boss, it is very important that the racetracks choose to stop talking about it and release a part of the budget to fight it. The Austrian also believes it is important to support Lewis Hamilton in his fight.

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