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Perez also dissatisfied: 'Miles away from our simulations'
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Perez also dissatisfied: 'Miles away from our simulations'

1 July - 18:33


Like his teammate, Sergio Perez did not have a trouble-free Friday at Silverstone. Where Max Verstappen was not dissatisfied, the Mexican was. He states that the car is 'miles away' from what the simulator showed prior to the weekend.

Helmut Marko also expressed his dissatisfaction with Red Bull Racing 's performance on Friday. The RB18 suffered from both oversteer and understeer and lacked grip in the slow corners. Perez agrees with the Red Bull chief, saying it was 'not a good session'.

Perez also dissatisfied

Red Bull Racing is known to have a smaller window for finding the right set-up than its rivals, so missing out on VT1 makes the challenge all the greater for the Austrian racing team. The biggest problem for Perez was that the reality did not match the simulations at all, he explained according to Motorsport-Magazin.com.

"The car is miles away from the preparation we had in the simulator," states the Mexican, who believes Red Bull have work to do to understand what is happening. He also feels that the poor start on Friday means his team are already too far behind to beat Ferrari this weekend.

But he is not giving up. He argues that his team already has an inkling of where things went wrong and stresses that Red Bull has proven before that it can come back strongly from a difficult Friday. "If I can find the confidence back, then it should be fine," Perez concludes.

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