Chandhok: Max is in an odd position
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Chandhok: "Max is in an odd position"

1 July - 13:30 Last update: 14:55

In the Sky Sports broadcast, the situation concerning Nelson Piquet was not left unsaid. Martin Brundle and Karun Chandhok are asked for their vision on the situation. Brundle does not understand the statements of Piquet, while Chandhok in the preview mainly discusses the 'strange' position of Max Verstappen.

"I raced against Nelson back in the day, he was always cheeky. He never knew where the line was in terms of personal comments about Mansell and Senna but this is a whole new level," Brundle began at the British television station. "Why does he need to say these things? I am just massively disappointed in Nelson that he would feel the need to talk like that."

Difficult situation Verstappen

Verstappen is in a relationship with Kelly Piquet, the daughter of. The reigning world champion knows Nelson Piquet better than 95 percent of the Formula 1 world. At the press conference, the Dutchman was asked for his opinion. Verstappen replied that the statements were unacceptable, but he thinks it is going too far that his father-in-law is never welcome in the F1 paddock again.

Chandhok stands up for Verstappen and understands that this is a hugely difficult situation for the Red Bull Racing driver. "I think it's impossible to defend. You just cannot. Max is in an odd position. Max is in a private relationship with Nelson's daughter. Kelly is not the one that has said these words. We saw some bad reaction from people here, I told people not to be booing Max or taking it on Max. It's a private relationship between him and Kelly, he's not in a relationship with Nelson so it's a different thing."

Red Bull says nothing about Piquet case

Red Bull also encountered an incident involving the N-word last week. Junior Juri Vips mouthed the offensive term while gaming. He was eventually fired. Brundle finds it strange that the Austrians did not publicly denounce Piquet's words. "I am surprised, they [Red Bull] came out and said the right things which is in relation to Vips, who was already suspended for using an unacceptable word. They've not chosen to go again on the Nelson subject."

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