Verstappen wants to learn from Russell's performance in 2022
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Verstappen wants to learn from Russell's performance in 2022

1 July - 09:28 Last update: 11:08

George Russell has to make do this season with a Mercedes that is a lot less competitive than in previous seasons. However, the Williams driver is 'only' 64 points behind Max Verstappen in the world championship. This while the reigning world champion has already won six times.

Russell has not won yet and therefore the difference is relatively small. He has finished in the top five in every Grand Prix so far. The young Briton is currently on 111 points, while the numbers two and three(Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc) are on 129 points and 126 points respectively. It shows that consistency and reliability can also take you very far this season in Formula One.

Russell as example for Verstappen

Verstappen has also noticed this, as he told us ahead of the British GP. This has also been noticed by Verstappen, as he let us know ahead of the British GP. The Red Bull driver agrees that the difference is of course large and that it will be difficult for Russell to completely wipe out the difference."But it shows you are still in a decent position if you don't drop out and always score points."

Verstappen wants to take a leaf out of his generation's book when it comes to consistency. The Dutchman says he might take fewer risks than we have come to expect from him in recent years. The aim of the World Cup leader is to finish races, as DNFs can be fatal to his chances of a second title.

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