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Verstappen thinks Piquet's refusal in F1 paddock is a step too far

Verstappen thinks Piquet's refusal in F1 paddock is a step too far

30-06-2022 17:50 Last update: 19:28


After the row that arose around Nelson Piquet 's comments about Lewis Hamilton, it is inevitable that everyone in the Formula 1 paddock is asked for their opinion on the matter. This includes Max Verstappen, who has a close relationship with the triple world champion.

Verstappen took a clear position on the issue: he called the use of words 'not correct' and therefore believes there is no place for such statements in F1. At the same time, he believes the paddock ban that Piquet may now face is going too far.

Ban solves nothing according to Verstappen

The Dutchman had not yet heard the news, but believes that such a ban solves nothing. “It’s better to open a conversation because when you ban people then you are actually not helping the situation, you’re not talking," he says according to The Race. He stresses the importance of communication, especially with sensitive issues like this. If you want to teach people things, it is better to talk about them, the Dutchman concludes.

Piquet himself stated that the word was not used in a racist context, but Verstappen still calls his father-in-law's use of the word 'not correct'. "It is very offensive", he adds. Asked if he feels it is necessary to discuss the issue among himself, the championship leader answers in the negative. "I think he knows himself [that it was wrong]," says the 24-year-old from Limburg.

However, the Red Bull Racing driver did say that he could not call Piquet a racist as a person. "I have spent a bit of time with Nelson, more than the average person, he’s definitely not a racist and he’s actually a really nice guy," Verstappen continued. He is therefore convinced that the statements were indeed not meant to be racist, but maintains that the use of words is unacceptable.

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