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Weather Forecast | Rain to hit Great Britain all weekend

Weather Forecast | Rain to hit Great Britain all weekend

30 June - 10:24 Last update: 10:59

The British Grand Prix is just around the corner and in England it is always a matter of seeing what the weather does. It can turn at any time on the island and that chance seems to exist again this weekend.

For the coming weekend the weather doesn't seem to be in favour of Formula 1. According to, rain is expected on Thursday and Friday and this will probably not change much for the rest of the weekend. Especially on Thursday, there will be a lot of rain (82 percent chance), with some after-effects on Friday (50 percent). During the first two free practice sessions, it is therefore likely to be wet at Silverstone.

No sun in Silverstone?

On Saturday, it doesn't look much better. The chance of rain increases to 82 percent, the wind also increases to 25 kilometres per hour and the temperature drops from twenty to eighteen degrees. Qualifying, therefore, can be quite a challenge again for the drivers.

Sunday is still the biggest unknown factor. The medium predicts morning showers around Silverstone with a 38 percent chance of that rain actually falling. The temperature will rise to twenty degrees and the wind will decrease by ten kilometres per hour. It will be interesting to see which teams find the best setup in these changing conditions.

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