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Sparky meeting between team bosses: 'That's the world we live in'
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Sparky meeting between team bosses: 'That's the world we live in'

30 June - 07:08 Last update: 09:31


Christian Horner confirms that the last meeting between the team bosses was somewhat sparky. Toto Wolff, in particular, is said to have spoken out angrily, all in front of the Netflix cameras.

Mercedes was busy lobbying for rules to reduce porpoising. However, the competitors are not keen on helping Mercedes in particular, as most other teams have already solved the problems surrounding the phenomenon. This caused irritation for Wolff.

Show by Wolff

The Austrian is of the opinion that it is about the safety of the drivers and that the team bosses are only protecting their own interests. Horner had previously let it slip that Wolff might have made such comments in front of the cameras because he wanted to earn a role in Lewis Hamilton's new film.

''It did get sparky in the last meeting for no apparent reason really. That's the world we live in now with cameras following us around. Who knows, maybe you'll have to deal with that one day too,'' Horner jokes to Sky Sports. For the time being Mercedes has not had its way, because real rules surrounding the problem have not yet been pushed through.

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