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Controversy in F2: Hitech lets Vips race, to disbelief of F2 management

Controversy in F2: Hitech lets Vips race, to disbelief of F2 management

29 June - 16:46 Last update: 17:56


In Formula 2, Hitech Racing has made a controversial decision. They have decided to retain driver Juri Vips in their line-up, after Red Bull Racing cancelled the junior's contract following racist comments made by the Estonian. Hitech has announced that they are "giving him the chance to redeem himself."

Hitech Racing boss Oliver Oakes has announced on Twitter that they remain loyal to Vips. "I have made it clear that I think the language used was totally unacceptable, but I choose to give him a chance to redeem himself," he said. In his statement, he is critical of society, where "no one is allowed to make a mistake."

F2 management surprised by decision

The statement came as a surprise to many in Formula 2, the racing class where Vips is currently active. The racing class let it be known on Twitter that they had expected Hitech to make a decision in line with Red Bull's decision. "Hitech Grand Prix's decision today is surprising and not one we would have taken."

"We will monitor the situation carefully with them to ensure that such behaviour is properly addressed." A clear tone from the F2 management to Hitech, showing that they did not approve of Vips' behaviour. Oakes himself says the decision may come as a surprise. "While this may not satisy everyone, I believe we all deserve a second chance in life, but never a third. Juri's self-respect, his reputation and his career are now firmly in his hands."

The message from the F2 management came two minutes after Hitech announced that they were keeping Vips as their F2 driver. So it was already known that Hitech would confirm that they remain confident in the Est. With the signal from the Formula 2 management, Hitech may be under pressure to reverse their decision later to give Vips a chance.

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