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Horner: It's amazing how short the memories are in this business

Horner: "It's amazing how short the memories are in this business"

28 June - 19:34 Last update: 20:17


With Mercedes' upgrade package announced, Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner's fears are only growing. According to the Briton, Mercedes has only been in poor form for a relatively short period of time and things could easily turn around.

Horner has been fearful of the competition in interviews he has given since the Canadian Grand Prix. Red Bull is comfortably in the lead in the championship and Max Verstappen also has a wide lead over teammate Sergio Perez and rival Charles Leclerc. Yet Horner thinks Ferrari can beat the team, but Mercedes also seems to be becoming more and more dangerous. Mercedes ' alleged new upgrades planned for Silverstone scare Horner.

Horner does not rule out Mercedes' turnaround

Speaking to Sky Sports, the team boss said: "They haven't won eight, nine or ten races. It's amazing how short memories are in this business. Silverstone is one of the great events; it is one that means the most." Mercedes has indeed set its sights on Ferrari and Mercedes. Although there are some doubts within the team's leadership, both Toto Wolff and Mike Elliott, they are already philosophising about the first victory of the season.

James Allison said that nobody dares to say it yet, but the atmosphere in the team is very positive. It is expected that a competitive W13 will perform well at Silverstone. Allison said he will cry if the team wins the race. Horner said: "Of course [, me too]. It would be very emotional if we could win that race." With that emotional, Horner is probably referring to statements he made earlier. According to the team boss Max Verstappen has some unfinished business with Lewis Hamilton after last year's race at Silverstone.

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