Mercedes: 'Updates for W13 also visible this time'

Mercedes: 'Updates for W13 also visible this time'

28 June - 11:50 Last update: 12:02

Andrew Shovlin has confirmed that Mercedes will travel to the British Grand Prix with a relatively large package of updates. The current number three in the Constructors' Championship hopes to compete with Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, as Silverstone has historically suited Toto Wolff's cars very well.

Shovlin notes in the F1 Nation Podcast that Mercedes has been making changes to the W13 every weekend. He admits that these were mainly modest updates and that a 'bigger and more visible' package will be brought to Silverstone. Optically, Mercedes' 2022 car will therefore differ from what we saw earlier in the season.

What changes to the W13?

When asked if there were any changes to the narrow sidepods, Mercedes' top man replied: "Not quite [sidepods] but we're looking at different front wings, rear wings, there'll be some changes on the floor, so a few other bits and bobs. But a lot of development this year is going on under the cars where people don't see it, but this will be a bit more obvious to those looking."

The German formation came up with a revolutionary concept at winter testing. The side pods are very small and everyone thought that Meredes had come up with yet another trick. In the first quarter of the season, however, it became clear that Mercedes had perhaps taken the wrong turn. At Mercedes they still do not dare to say goodbye to the W13 and the current concept (with narrow sidepods).

Mercedes hopes to leapfrog

The aim is to reduce the difference in pace with Red Bull Racing and Ferrari thanks to the big update package. "Well, we hope so. This team's had a very good record of bringing updates that have worked and literally year after year everything we've made, we put on the car [and] it seemed to deliver and with these latest regulations, that hasn't been the same," Shovlin concludes.

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