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Tyres will be tested at Silverstone: 'One of the most challenging tracks'

Tyres will be tested at Silverstone: 'One of the most challenging tracks'

27-06-2022 16:07 Last update: 17:16


The British Grand Prix is the next race on the calendar. The circuit is very demanding on the Pirelli tyres, so it will be exciting to see how the new tyres perform during the race.

The hardest tyres will be available to the drivers during the weekend at Silverstone. Silverstone, Suzuka in Japan, and Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium are the only three circuits on the calendar that require the hardest tyre combination.

The 2021 race saw the Grand Prix won with two pit stops, one of which was during the early red flag after Max Verstappen's hard crash. However, this year the tyres are completely different and there is also no sprint race. These factors can all influence the teams' strategy. In addition, the unpredictable weather at Silverstone could also play a role in the race.

Silverstone a challenge for the tyres

"The British Grand Prix was where the new show car for the 2022 season was displayed last year. The latest aerodynamic regulations are designed to allow drivers to follow each other more closely for longer to give more chance of overtaking, as we saw in Canada, while the tyres are designed to provide less overheating, more stability, and increased driveability within a wider working window. All these aspects will be tested this weekend, on one of the most challenging tracks for tyres of the year", writes Pirelli boss Mario Isola on the tyre supplier website.