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Verstappen's big lead means little according to F1 CEO: 'Season still long'

Verstappen's big lead means little according to F1 CEO: 'Season still long'

27 June - 15:04 Last update: 16:06


Stefano Domenicali hopes the battle for the world title will continue until the end of the season. The Formula One CEO does not think Max Verstappen's lead means much at the moment.

Charles Leclerc currently has 49 points to lose to Verstappen, but Domenicali stresses that the season is still long. At the start of the year, Red Bull Racing were hit by reliability problems, now it is the case with Ferrari.

"After a few races it seemed to be over for Max, but now the situation is reversed. The championship is still long, we are only at one third of the season. I think there will be a nice battle until the end of the season. Leclerc is in top form," Domenicali tells Standard Sport.

Mercedes will not give up

Domenicali also doesn't rule out the possibility that Mercedes can compete with Ferrari and Red Bull. The team has struggled so far with the new regulations, but slowly Mercedes is seeing improvements.

"Mercedes is also improving. We hope to see more teams competing. It will depend on the teams' adjustments to the circuits and how those updates fit within the budget. Mercedes has won eight world titles. It is an incredible team and they will not give up", the CEO ends.

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