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Rosberg warns Red Bull: 'Ferrari have nothing to lose'

Rosberg warns Red Bull: 'Ferrari have nothing to lose'

27 June - 13:26 Last update: 16:05


Nico Rosberg believes Ferrari have nothing to lose in the title race against Red Bull Racing. The former world champion thinks the pressure is off the Italians, but that can be dangerous.

Ferrari were favourites for the world title at the start of the season, but at the moment the Italians are struggling to keep up with Red Bull Racing. In the Constructors' Championship they are trailing by 76 points after poor team decisions and multiple DNFs for Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc. Max Verstappen, meanwhile, looks dominant with six wins to his name already.

"It’s kind of nothing to lose anymore. So just go for it and then see what can be maximised. Of course they need to get on top of their reliability issues, but the pressure is kind of off a little bit now", Rosberg says on Sky Sports.

Ferrari have nothing to lose

Rosberg believes Ferrari can still come back into the championship. The German feels the team must give everything to beat Red Bull. At the start of the season, Red Bull also struggled with reliability issues, but this can quickly turn around.

"I mean, they were huge favourites after the first couple of races but now they’re so far behind. So you have nothing to lose. Go for it. Big push and let’s see what they can do", says the former Formula One driver.

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