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Wolff after Marko comment: That's Helmut, he always teases

Wolff after Marko comment: "That's Helmut, he always teases"

26 June - 19:21 Last update: 26 June - 19:21

Helmut Marko said last week that Mercedes could have used a Niki Lauda right now. According to the Red Bull Racing advisor, someone with a balanced mentality is now missing. Toto Wolff has since reacted to the statements of his fellow countryman.

Mercedes team boss responds to Marko

"That's Helmut. He always teases, that's okay. But what is true: Niki is always missing. I miss him as a friend and as a sparring partner and also as a chairman. Believe me, I would rather fight with Niki now than alone," Wolff picks up on the sporting point. Lauda died in 2019 at the age of 70.

Mercedes collected 188 points in the first nine Grands Prix, while list leader Red Bull Racing is already on 304 points. The situation in the drivers' championship is not much brighter. Wolff told OE24 Wolff said that he still does not want to throw in the towel. However, he is realistic and knows that it is important to keep coming up with updates.

"The fact is that we are too far behind and we have to get that under control," said Wolff, who knows that the regulations in 2023 will be the same as this season. "Every development we bring today is also important for next year. We definitely need to get off to a better start [next season]."

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