Mazepin: 'F1 a championship for constructors, not for drivers'

Mazepin: 'F1 a championship for constructors, not for drivers'

26 June - 19:01 Last update: 26 June - 19:01

Nikita Mazepin feels it is a pity that as a driver in Formula 1 you have relatively little influence on what position you drive. The former Haas F1 driver calls the pinnacle of motorsport championship for constructors and not for drivers.

The 2014-2020 seasons in Formula 1 were characterised by Mercedes' dominance. Lewis Hamilton took six world titles in that period and actually the championship was quite one-sided. Especially now, Mercedes is struggling and Hamilton is no longer competing for wins.

"It proves once again that Formula 1 is a very specific sport. Last season I was in nineteenth and twentieth place and I know I am faster than that. But if the car doesn't quite fit you, or is poorly developed or not developed at all, you're screwed," Mazepin said.

He continued:"Hamilton hasn't lost his touch to racing in the winter. First he won races, now he is struggling. That means Formula 1 is a championship for constructors and not for drivers." According to Mazepin, it is incredibly difficult to excel in Formula 1 because you are hugely dependent on the equipment you drive.

Will Red Bull break Mercedes' hegemony?

When Mazepin at the Russian Sport-Express Russian newspaper when asked if Red Bull will run away with the world title, Mazepin is a little coy. "I think it will be a great season for the fans. Many teams have done a good job this year and deserve to be champions, but there is only one trophy."

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