Doornbos refuses to congratulate Verstappen and Red Bull already
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Doornbos refuses to congratulate Verstappen and Red Bull already

26 June - 16:28 Last update: 16:44

Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing may have hit it big with Ferrari in both world championships, but according to Robert Doornbos, it is too early to say that Ferrari have no chance of winning titles in 2022. The former Formula One driver points to the unreliability of the RB18 at the start of this season.

According to Doornbos, things can change in Formula 1 every weekend. He calculates that if Verstappen retires twice, Red Bull will be back to square one. The premier class of motorsport is unpredictable, even though the reigning world champion has a comfortable margin. "It is only over when you mathematically cannot be overtaken", Doornbos said to

Problems at Ferrari and Red Bull

Ferrari is plagued by reliability problems. Especially their own engine fails them on occasion. Charles Leclerc crashed out from the lead in Spain and in Azerbaijan, he did not reach the finish line either, while a lot of points seemed imminent. However, Doornbos reminds us that Red Bull has also had its problems.

Verstappen crashed out in Bahrain and Australia, while Perez also has two DNFs to his name. Red Bull have also had issues with Verstappen's DRS, although these have been resolved. Doornbos argues that an F1 car is always fragile and that things can change in a couple of lesser weekends.

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