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Ecclestone angry at FIA appointment: It's bloody dangerous

Ecclestone angry at FIA appointment: "It's bloody dangerous"

26 June - 14:40 Last update: 16:42


Bernie Ecclestone is no fan of the FIA's 'dangerous' move. A former Mercedes employee has gone to work for the motorsport federation and, according to 91-year-old Briton, this works to the advantage of the German marque.

Important info passed on

Shalia-Ann Rao is interim head of Formula 1 at the FIA these days, but not long ago Rao was an advisor to Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. She started working for Mercedes in 2018, but since Peter Bayer's departure, she has been working for the FIA.

Ecclestone is not satisfied with the FIA's appointment. "It's bloody dangerous," the former F1 CEO is quoted by Express quoted. "Toto started all this nonsense about the cars needing to change. She told them about the new directive, obviously." By the new directive, Ecclestone is referring to the changes that may be done to reduce porpoising. Mercedes already came up with an additional support cable in Canada.

Same situation as years ago

Ecclestone thinks back to the time when he himself wanted to hire Luca di Montezemolo as president when he was still head of F1. At the time, this was not allowed because Di Montezemolo worked for Ferrari. According to the Brit, the situation with Rao and Mercedes is no different.

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