IndyCar at crucial point: 'We can fix it, they have to decide'

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25 June 2022 at 15:13
Last update 25 June 2022 at 17:43

The American single-seater racing class IndyCar has shown a unique diversity of races in recent years; they run on traditional tracks, street circuits and on short-, medium- and superspeedway ovals. To maintain this, the organisation is faced with a crucial choice.

IndyCar must choose direction

The IndyCar organisation is wondering if, with the growing and more diverse calendar, they should also choose to actively promote races, just like Formula 1. Indeed, as of this year, Formula 1 is investing in the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which will take place in 2023. According to IndyCar is faced with a crucial choice they have to make for the future. There are advantages and disadvantages to taking control of the calendar. The advantages are mainly the participation and autonomy in a race, the disadvantages are loss of income.

The medium also reports that in addition to the diversity within the all-American calendar, the addition of IndyCar races outside the North-American borders is again being considered. Argentina, for example, seems to be a contender for an IndyCar race. During the Indy500, a club with representatives from Argentina's Termas de Rio Hondo circuit was on site to have talks. The-Race also reported that Mexico would be a likely contender, as Mexicans are big racing fans and Pato O'Ward is the local hero.

Argentine IndyCar race seems possible

Still, sounds about an Argentine IndyCar race, though still very faint, are sounding more plausible. Since Argentinean Ricardo Juncos entered the championship with his team Juncos Hollinger Racing, these sounds have started. Juncos reports that Argentina has the circuit and that the governor of the area would like to organise a race. "We've been trying to get the race there for four or three years, but it hasn't worked out yet. I think sooner or later the IndyCar has to go there anyway."

For now, it seems that there is mainly a lot of willingness from outside the IndyCar, but Juncos thinks that it is important for the IndyCar at this point to seriously consider hosting races outside North America as well. The possible race in Argentina would open up the championship to a large and strong fan base in the southern continent. The money and investment should not be a problem. Juncos: "The only difficult point now is whether IndyCar wants it or not. We can make it happen, but IndyCar has to decide first."