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Coulthard hard on complaining drivers: 'Just get on with it'

Coulthard hard on complaining drivers: 'Just get on with it'

25-06-2022 08:25 Last update: 08:39


Several Formula One teams have had to deal with porpoising this season. It has caused Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, among others, to make comments about their physical condition, but David Coulthard has no sympathy for the two drivers.

As a former Formula 1 driver, Coulthard knows better than anyone what it takes to be active in the motor racing class. According to the analyst, sport can be physically demanding, but it is not appropriate to complain about it. He said in an interview with Channel 4.

"I think we have to keep in perspective that sport doesn’t come with princesses and the pea mattresses," Coulthard judged harshly. "This is where certain teams are, and there’ll be evolution, but for the most part just get on with it."

Porpoising remains major problem for Mercedes

Just last week, the FIA issued a directive to reduce porpoising in Formula One. The organisation pointed out that the phenomenon in motor racing would cause unsafe situations, so it had to intervene to prevent risky situations.

Hamilton announced after his third place in Canada that he still suffers from porpoising and therefore believes that more should be done to solve the problem. However, he also pointed out that his team also has a responsibility to work hard on this.

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