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Horner worried: We need to act now

Horner worried: "We need to act now"

24 June - 08:54 Last update: 11:48


With Max Verstappen in first place in the World Championship and Red Bull Racing leading the Constructors' Championship, Christian Horner has little to complain for now. Nevertheless, the team boss is very concerned about the months ahead, he told Sky Sports.

The Brit is still fighting behind the scenes to raise the cost ceiling. Horner believes that a lot of unforeseen costs have been added to the budget, making it impossible to meet the regulations this season.

In conversation with the English medium he stated that the current rules could have major consequences for the near future. The Austrian formation would have to let go of hundreds of employees to solve the problem.

In doing so, Horner once again puts pressure on the FIA. "We don't want a championship decided in law courts, or in Paris in front of the FIA," Horner stressed. "We've got six months of the year to address this, we need to act now."

Discussion on cost cap in Formula One

Ferrari and Mercedes still support Red Bull's position and are also trying to raise the cost ceiling, but other teams would like to block it. The smaller teams in Formula 1 believe that the top teams simply have to cut costs if they actually get into trouble.

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