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Terruzzi: 'The Red Bull is a top car, but the Ferrari is better'

Terruzzi: 'The Red Bull is a top car, but the Ferrari is better'

23 June - 18:00 Last update: 19:20


Renowned Italian journalist Giorgio Terruzzi is fed up with Ferrari's bungling. According to the Italian, the Italian team's F1-75 is better at speed than Red Bull Racing's RB18, which is already a top car.

Terruzzi is unhappy that Ferrari is not getting the maximum out of the car. At the Pit Talk podcast F1sport. Its guest Terruzzi believes there is still hope for Ferrari for the rest of the year: "Ferrari have now lost three GPs, two of which were due to engine problems and one due to a strategic mess. I just have to say that the Red Bull is a top car. We are talking about a successful design."

Only a reliable Ferrari still has a chance of winning the title

Red Bull is pulling away from Ferrari in both championships. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are above Charles Leclerc and there are 76 points between the teams. Listening to Terruzzi, Ferrari have their own blunders to thank for being behind. The F1-75 is fast enough: "In two GPs Ferrari crashed out when it was in front, in Spain even by a fairly wide margin."

According to the Italian, Ferrari has deliberately chosen to put a lot of effort into the F1-75's engine power: "In other areas, you pay the price for that. The car otherwise works well and is incredibly fast." If Ferrari's reliability problems are resolved soon, the championship is far from decided.

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