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2026 regulations delayed: Porsche must postpone announcement

2026 regulations delayed: Porsche must postpone announcement

23 June - 16:15 Last update: 16:36


It will take a little longer for Porsche and Audi to announce their entry into Formula 1. According to Auto, Motor und Sport the technical regulations for 2026 were due to be presented on 29 June, but this has now been postponed.

It has been in the air for months: Audi and Porsche will enter Formula 1 in 2026. Porsche was to announce the partnership with Red Bull Racing at the energy drink giant's home race in Austria. This has now been cancelled as the regulations will not be presented on 29 June.

Multiple reasons for delay

The delay is partly due to the teams already in the sport. The deal between Porsche and Red Bull can be classified as a first-year deal, which has advantages for both Porsche and Red Bull. Advantages for Red Bull mean disadvantages for its opponents who, of course, are not happy about this.

This was not the only reason why the presentation of the regulations was delayed. In order to avoid loopholes and pitfalls, the writing of the rulebook became a major obstacle. Peter Bayer put a lot of pressure on Mohammed Ben Sulayem to meet the June deadline, but Ben Sulayem preferred a July deadline. Bayer has since left the FIA.

New deadline in July

Currently July is used as the final deadline and the F1 committee is meeting again in Austria, where they would show the final regulations to the current F1 teams. If this is all approved Porsche and Audi will have two weeks to register for 2026.

So Red Bull and Porsche seem very close to working together. Audi on the other hand is still guessing, as both Aston Martin and Sauber (Alfa Romeo) would be interested. Williams is also still a possibility. By the way, Honda would also be interested in returning to Formula 1.

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