Verstappen's excellent form goes back to early 2020

Verstappen's excellent form goes back to early 2020

23 June - 13:25 Last update: 13:55

Max Verstappen seems to be in the shape of his life in 2022. However, looking back to the start of 2020, it soon becomes clear that the Dutchman has been in top form for two and a half years.

Verstappen in top form since 2020

Verstappen's excellent form dates back to the start of 2020. In the corona-infested year, Verstappen finished on the podium in every race he saw the finish line except the rained-out Turkish Grand Prix. The Red Bull Racing driver finished sixth at Istanbul Park. Incidentally, all of Verstappen's DNF's in 2020 were due to technical malfunction or he was taken out by someone else's crash. In total, Verstappen finished first twice, second six times and third three times.

Championship year 2021

In 2021, Verstappen added to his form. The RB16B was a big improvement on the RB16 of 2020, allowing Verstappen to fight for wins in almost every race. In total, he won ten of the 22 GPs and finished second eight times.

In Azerbaijan in 2021 he crashed out due to a burst tyre and in Britain Lewis Hamilton was blamed after a crash with Verstappen. In Hungary, he finished ninth after being torpedoed on the first lap of the race. Verstappen then drove to the finish with a badly damaged car. In Italy, the Dutchman again crashed with Hamilton, but this time the Dutchman was blamed.

Dominating in 2022?

In 2022 Verstappen is again doing very well. In Bahrain and Australia, the reigning world champion retired with technical problems, but apart from those two failures he won every race except Monaco. If Verstappen continues his season in this manner, it could be a very dominant year for him.

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